Pasighat Pastorate

The Pastorate Circle (PC) is designed to help make the administrative system of Adi Baptist Union easier.  They have their own officers -   president, vice president, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, youth,  women and Sunday school coordinator. These departments work together unitedly and look after the pastorate circle level ministry. They hold committee meetings and make decisions independently. In  case of any unresolved decisionsm the matter is brought to the Adi Baptist Union executive committee. The president and secretary of every pastorate circle are the execuitve committee member of Adi Baptist Union.  

The Adi Baptist Union has eight (8) Pastorate Circles. The Pasighat pastorate circle is one of the pastorate circles.

Local Churches:

  1. Pasighat
  2. Model town
  3. GTC/College
  4. Yagrung
  5. Takilalung
  6. Pongging
  7. Rani
  8. Sile
  9. 12 Mile
  10. Oyan Jelum
  11. Mangnang
  12. Oiramghat
  13. SikaTode
  14. Bamin
  15. Oyan
  16. Berung

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