Mission Department

The Mission Department of Adi Baptist Union (ABU) is responsible for all the Mission work. The sphere of our mission is the Upper Siang, East, West Siang and among the Mishing People. ABU Mission covers areas like preaching the gospel to the unreached people group, helping them to grow spiritually, become self dependent financially and grow in worship. We plant churches where there is no church, we do discipling, enable fellowship, and organize camps including salvation camps.

After the American Baptist Mission came, in the year 1989-1902 the Arthington Mission preached the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. From the very coming of those Missionaries in our Adi Land, the Church started to grow.

Our organization - Adi Baptist Union - was formed in the year 1971 and today is existing with the total no. of (86) Eighty six local Churches.  

We have mission partnership with Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM), North Bank Baptist Christian Association (NBBCA), Baptist Churches of North East India (CBCNEI), and Arunachal Baptist Church Council (ABCC).

Vision: We have a vision to reach all the Adi belt with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.