Mebo Pastorate

Pastorate Circle (PC) Means basically to made administrative system of Adi Baptist Union easier.All the circle have the office bearer of their own like president, vice president,secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer etc.,Youth woman and sunday school co-ordinator. All these departments are working together unitedly and looking after the Pastorate circle level ministry. They have committee meeting and takes dicision independently. In any case of unresolved decision the matter is brought to the perview of Adi Baptist Union executive committee. The president and secretary of every pastorate circle are the executive committee member of Adi Baptist Union.

Pastorate Circle(PC) Adi Baptist Union have eight (8) Pastorate Circle.The Mebo Pastorate circle is one amongst the Pastorate circle.

Local Churches:

  1. Ayeng
  2. Mebo
  3. Siluk
  4. Ngopok
  5. Motum
  6. Kiyit
  7. Borguli
  8. Seram
  9. Namsing
  10. Gadum