Literature Department

The Literature Department looks after the literature like the Adi Bible, Adi Hymnal book, other tracks, publishing, printing etc. The steering committee is comprised of (7) seven members. Adi Baptist Union is planning to reach out to the people with Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ through literature. These days,  literature plays a vital role in every society especially in the field of communication and preaching the Gospel.

In this present age, the need of the hour is Literature work through the Information technology (IT). All the communication system through the literature and mass media and all the records are kept in written form. Our Administration system may be very good but when the literature work is not good, it appears empty because there are no records and no footprints. Our association is giving more and more importance to the literature department to reach out to the unreached people. Therefore, we request all the viewers of this site to kindly pray for them.