Welcome to the website of the Adi Baptist Union

The Adi Baptist Union brings greetings to all the viewers of this website. We have launched this website for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Adi Baptist Union is a Baptist denomination organization and it came into being as an administrative body on 1st February, 1971 which is now called ADI BAPTIST UNION (ABU).

This union is a registered society in the Government of Arunachal Pradesh in accordance with the society registration Act of 1860 bearing Registration No.SR/ ITA/475. The Adi Baptist Union (ABU) mainly operates its ministry in East Siang, Upper Siang, West Siang and amongst the Mishing people in Assam. We also plan to expand wherever the Lord opens the door both inside and outside of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Headquarters of Adi Baptist Union is located at Pasighat, Mirmir Charali, East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh-791102. Adi Baptist Union believes in self governing, self supporting and preaching the gospel to all nations (Mathew 28:19). Our main objective is to reach out to every tribes of our Adi People and also other people group with the help of information technology.

We thank God for enabling us and also thank those who have prayed for the successful construction of this website. Please give us your suggestions especially if you find any shortcomings. Adi Baptist Union has launched this website for all people. So please enjoy browsing the content in it. Amen

Feedback may be sent to: info@adibaptistunion.org and a2017di@gmail.com